Monday, November 23, 2015

Ediwn in action...

Tonight Ursula and Edwin stopped by and Edwin decided to take to the canvases while we mucked with our hair.  Here he is in action tonight... or um last night :-)

Pretty soon we will take the canvases "on the road" to truly realize what we hope is social art,

Edwin in action

Monday, November 16, 2015

V doing her thing

Had a friend "V" over tonight who "took the challenge..." go Ves!   We are just getting this thing started!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

New homepage

Ok just so that we can have everything in one place I set up a super basic homepage as .    Just wanted to make everyone aware that it was up.

Nick's first modification

This is from this past Thursday.  I know the lighting isn't quite right and it based on these pictures I can understand how you may think the time-lapse won't be that hot... but no worries.  I am taking measures tomorrow to have a fixed position for the camera and make sure the lighting is consistent and appropriate.  So that's that.... I am excited to see this go forward.

I think as time goes on I will actually take the canvases to some events that I try to arrange with different local venues to get a great variety of people to participate in this.  STAY TUNED!

Nick adds some paint

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

It's no longer blank!

Tonight Ursula let some creative juices flow and adorned the canvases with its first strokes of paint!

Ursula's first touches

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Introduction: About Art by Everyone and Social Art

UPDATE (Nov 16, 2015): It's really simple but we have a homepage now.

Many of you who know me have already heard about this... and for who haven't here is a brief introduction...

Last week while spending time in my apartment with some friends the idea of creating a "social art" project came to mind.  "Social art" is just what I am calling it, and all I mean by it is- art that is created by everyone.  Or in this case anyone who comes to my place.

The idea actually came up when considering what to do with some free space I had.  Since the conception of the idea, I have built an easel/stand,  and acquired two canvases.  (All this stuff is adding up and if you would like to contribute I have set up a crowd-funding campaign here.  Please check it out if you can donate a few bucks for paint, brushes, and other materials).

click here to see some pictures of the easel construction

The intention is that over time my guests will be able to "get their hands dirty" and do some (as little or as much as they want) painting or otherwise modify the canvasses.

I hope that you and others enjoy seeing this first work come to life as it is not just about painting a painting- it is also seeing how it changes over time, and getting to see something quite unique especially in the parlance of our time.  In the end I will create a time-lapse video of the work and put it up here too.

I hope this humble beginning inspires people like you to participate, offer input and start your own projects too!

There is a Facebook page here where I will post updates regularly.


Project 1, First Frame- The Blank Canvases