Sunday, December 6, 2015

Major update(s) on nature of "Art by Everyone"

UPDATE 12/15/2015:   To keep track of our events we are now on   This is a social networking site for people with similar interests to plan when and where to get together.  This will be the center of our event scheduling from now on.  It is free to sign up and you can provide as little or as much information as you like.

So this concept has evolved quite a ways from the original idea described here.

Now we are going to take this on the road.  I have built portable easels and will be bringing the canvases (along with everything else needed such as paint, brushes, drop-cloths etc) to various venues, along with everything necessary for anyone, anywhere to be a part of this.

Check them out here on my personal blog.

So what does this mean?
  • You can offer suggestions on where to bring the canvases
    • If you are having an event where you think this would be appropriate let us know.
    • You can send a message to Art by Everyone on Facebook or using the new contact page here.
  • This will add value to the community.  Giving many people the chance to paint who otherwise would not go through the trouble.
  • People can participate and watch the canvases evolve over time.
  • I plan on taking them to other cities as well
Anything is possible... I encourage your feedback/suggestions/questions...

dont hesitate to use the new (primitive) contact page!

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