Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Perception management.... what this really is.

I felt that I should explain something about the image of this project.  You may think that the website is relatively nice and maybe professional, we have a Facebook page, a banner, and even business cards.

All of this may lead people to the wrong impression about the nature of this project.  Some may think there is monetary backing, a staff or other resources that do not exist.  One may also think there is some sort of agenda- a commercial or business agenda.

The reality is that I (Nick) am very passionate about this project, our current canvases and future ideas.  I believe that it adds value to peoples' lives and the community.  I believe it is something positive to enjoy for anyone who may be inclined to enjoy something along the lines of "Art By Everyone."

All of the materials - the business cards, the banner, the website are all things I funded out-of-pocket when money was necessary to make them happen.

I built the easels and did all the design work for the cards, banner, easels etc.  This is all stuff I put my personal time in on- driven by my true belief that this is something positive and my desire to share that positive vibe with others.

I am not looking to make any money off of this, and have no plans on turning it into a for-profit business or anything like that.  It is just something here for people to enjoy and serve as inspiration for those around me.

If anything all of this what may be perceived as "marketing" is really a product of a semi-conscious effort to demonstrate that this project is here to stay and that I (and others) am committed to it.  I think the same goes for Ursula, and we have had a lot of positive feedback so far.

And I should take a moment to give my friend Ursula credit too.  She has spent a great deal of time discussing the concept with me, helped me build the big easel for the time lapse etc.  She deserves a lot of thanks.

Finally this post is not here to impress but to merely explain and hopefully communicate a better understanding of what this project is all about.

Thank you for reading,

Nick Birke

Project Steward

You can see the post meant to serve as the "ABOUT US" post by clicking here.

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