Tuesday, February 2, 2016

IMPORTANT: Regarding supplemental activities, guest performers, special guests, and scheduling.

As I have explained to people who attend our events and through various media I am very interested in people's ideas to improve, modify, and supplement the project, its material(s), event locations etc.

I felt it very important at this time to point out that what I consider the early success of the project is in great part- a result of its simple, intimate, and community-oriented nature.   I am certainly open to new ideas, and things we can try... but unfortunately not all ideas will work for this project.   I would say that one of the purposes of this project, "Art By Everyone"  is to inspire others.  I think this was casually mentioned in the brochure I created for us.

Art By Everyone is more than just the canvases we are touring with now.  It is more than a social and community "painting project."  The project will be other activities and other types of events as time goes on and as we slowly gather volunteers and funding.  For now and for the foreseeable future the manifestation of Art By Everyone will be the touring of the canvases and a set of canvases that follow them.

What I am asking that is very important...

Please communicate with me or Ursula your ideas for the project.  We want to work with you to either make them part of Art By Everyone in some way, or at least offer advice on how you can bring your idea to life.

I cannot stress enough how important that it is that you communicate your ideas for ABE to us before acting on them.  Contacting other groups, projects, or venues on our behalf could jeopardize the project and/or its reputation, and we respectfully ask that if you are motivated to do this to check with us first.  

Also, if you have supplemental performers, special guests or something along these lines in mind... something to complement or supplement one of our events it is absolutely necessary that you communicate this with Ursula or I before including a supplemental or complementary third-party or activity.  

Our arrangements with the venues that have us as guests exist with certain expectations and understandings with respect to the nature of our activities and the project, and a deviation in the nature of our activities could jeopardize our relationship with the venue and the project otherwise.

In conclusion...

I hope this message is clear in content and balanced in nature and tone.  If this is not the case or if you have any other feedback or questions regarding this information please do not hesitate to contact us using Facebook, comments in this blog, or via a discussion on Meetup.com.  Links to our Facebook and Meetup as well as a Contact Us form are available on our homepage at http://www.artbyeveryone.com 

Thank you so much for understanding how important it is to get this message out.



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  1. I took the time to REALLY look at The Art By Everyone.
    Hmmmmm....... I think you are on to something here, Nick!!